William Peterson commentary for New Mexico Mercury 




 Órale! Post-Pop Fusion at The Harwood



Margaet Randel commentary  For New Mexico Mercury 


" Juanitas "  included in the new book  New Mexico Art through Time  by Joseph Traugott 

 "Tim Prythero also yearns for simplicity, but he discovers it in the recent past, which he perceives as a simpler time .In  The process, the compulsive interest in fine detail and exceptional skill as a sculptor come to fore . In Jaunitas Taco Wagon a converted delivery truck is parked in front of a well known furrier on Fourth street in Albuquerque .The signage on the brick wall behind dates from a time when downtown was an elegant neighborhood, before the suburbanization of the city after World War ll ,although the wagon itself seems to have lost its allure .. "  Joseph Traugott  curator, 20th Century  Art New Mexico Museum of Art 


"Tail of the Pup"  at    Crocker Art Museum 

 photo     ROCOR